Active, Engaged Ownership

We use shareholder leverage to influence corporate and industry practices globally, often in collaboration with coalitions of shareowners and activist organizations. We develop our Stewardship and Advocacy Policy as long-term, global investors and our engagement priorities build on our investment themes of doing more with fewer resources, treating people as assets, and supporting better governance. We believe investors with a deep and long-term understanding of prosperity can use ESG analysis and direct engagement to provide the critical checks and balances that financial markets require to function as efficient and socially beneficial distributors of capital.

We have access to high-level management, including, in some cases, board members and CEOs. Over the years, our team has built up a network of contacts at non-governmental organizations around the world. These organizations serve as invaluable sounding boards for us on shareowner engagement issues, and have partnered with us on numerous shareholder initiatives. Through company dialogue and the shareholder proposal process, we bring client concerns to management and actively promote change.

We use our voice as assertive, engaged stewards of our investments to challenge companies across all industries to re-direct capital financing capacity, R&D efforts, and ingenuity towards a more sustainable world.


Sustained Dialogue


Through regular and persistent outreach via correspondence and in-person meetings, we engage portfolio companies on a wide range of environmental, social, and governance risks and opportunities. Our team has worked with companies in the U.S. and globally for over 20 years.

Proxy Voting

Setting Standards and Metrics

Shareholder Proposals & Annual Meetings

International Collaboration

Public Policy Participation

Active Investor Social Update